Pesedjet (feat. Vladyslav Tsarenko of Diary Of My Misanthropy)

Long time ago they were the wisest scientists, glorious warriors and loyal sons. They was an army of talented psykers and mages with unlimited power and hunger for knowledge. There was an interesting order of things inside of their legion, something different in methods of their mutual coexistence. These warriors were spread in their Fellowships with such clever and harmonic way, that it greatly increased their abilities to fight and to learn. Warriors themselves compared these special methods with pantheon of old Gyptian gods. In virtue of their legendary harmonic way of living together they deserved a special place in history of mankind. Just as the number of ancient Terran gods of Gypt, a number of Thousand Sons Fellowships was eight. In honor of them, united legion’s Fellowships accepted a name of this mythic pantheon – Pesedjet.

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Nikita Tarassenko

Guitar, Music

Bogdan Ahmedov


Maxim Vulchin


Jiri Willander


Andrew Olshevsky