The Wolf Time

When all the stars will extinguish and the darkness will prevail…

There was a prophecy about times when the Infinete Serpent will go off his tail and swallow all the
stars ever known to men. About the age of a fearful longing, when brothers will forget each other
and mothers will abandon their infants to their wyrd. About an era of dreadful injustice and absolute
obscuration which will be left unsung by skalds for their own sake. Then the All-Father will be in need
of every single man able to hold their shields. Then He will be in need of his most loyal and fierce son,
the Great Wolf, for the final battle is at the door. The Emperor of Mankind and Wolf King will fight all
evil in this battle, side by side, to reclaim the right for existence for whole humanity.

This prophecy came true… Partly. Mankind already felt the triumph of darkness, but there is still no
sight of the Wolf King.

Will he ever come back?

Should not he be here now, when the Wolf Time is about to begin?

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Nikita Tarassenko

Guitar, Music

Maxim Vulchin


Jakub Hlavacek


Ferdinand Elvis Grossman


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